Friday, 16 December 2011


Daring fireball yesterday....
Galaxy Nexus Launches Tomorrow on Verizon for $299 ★
But will people line up for this? Is there any Android phone that people will line up for? I point this out not to mock or make fun, but simply as an observation of how profoundly different the Android and iOS markets are.
Yes, People Are Lining Up for the Galaxy Nexus ★
Quite chivalrous of them to let all the women in first.
So rather than say "wow - I got it wrong" we get an ambiguous sarcastic(?) comment on the queue. I'm not pointing this out to mock or make fun, but why not write about how the Android and iOS markets are similar...?

I like DF, as long as everyone understands it is Apple's Fox News - it's all editorial comment.

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