Monday, 20 February 2012

USA vs the Rest of the World

Genre: Action Adventure
TLDR: 2019. Socially awkward maths genius leads a rag-tag team of world leaders and losers on a mission to get rid of an insane christian fundamentalist President of USA. 

Five years ago USA was on the brink of social and economic collapse. Today, in 2019, Harry Ford (played by Harrison Ford) is the most popular and successful President in the history of the United States. A vast network of millions of unmanned air, sea and ground vehicles remotely controlled by console-gamers has secured the few remaining global resources for America. The American people are employed, wealthy and proud once more. With little access to oil, the rest of the world is literally powerless to fight back effectively.

However, the President - a religious fundamentalist - is sliding into insanity. The Internet is censored, but the masses are glued to their "games". Atheists and political protesters are arrested and sent to camps. America forces Canada to "merge" with it - really a hostile takeover. The war on drugs becomes a real war as America invades Mexico and enslaves her people. The UN building in New York comes under flase flag "terrorist" attack and the world's leaders are placed under arrest - for their own protection.

When Gordan Knott (a mathematician whose work was in part responsible for the systems running the drone army) is invited to the White House with his family in recognition for his work, he feels it is overdue recognition. (At the start of the movie he's kind of a jerk) While in a private meeting in the Oval Office he fails to act as "God" tells the President to have a school full of children in Pakistan bombed to  oblivion. Knott rejoins family, but slowly realizes that he must stop the President ... however his inept attack fails and he is sent to a prison camp. His family are held hostage in the White House.

At the prison camp Gordan nearly gives up hope, but he he meets his old mentor from college -- played by Morgan Freeman. As the mentor dies in Gordan's arms he tells him "logic must succeed". Gordan comes up with a plan to escape. He finds a way to disable the automated guards and the prisoners rise up and take control. At first Gordan just wants to go his own way and rescue his family, but eventually he agrees to lead the rag-tag team of world leaders (see cast below), atheists and slackers on a mission to topple the regime in Washington.

On the way to the White House they encounter back-woods survivalists, religous nuts, hardcore gamers and catch a lift in a rapper's private jet which ends up in a UAV dogfight.

The world leaders find a way to communicate with the outside world - all around the world people start attacking USA drones. The Iraqis reclaim their oilfields. In retaliation USA forces attack Chinese astronauts on the moon. The Chinese and Russian fleets set sail for America... can Gordan prevent all out war?

There will be some on-screen battles - land air and sea - cgi set pieces. Several of the world leaders die heroic deaths. An American General and his men come over to the side of the good guy - but the general pays the ultimate price.

There is a sub-plot about their struggle to trust the Russian President - who disappears and leaves them stranded in big trouble. But he returns in the nick of time with reinforcements to save them.

The final act has the British Prime Minister (Hugh Laurie) and Gordan Knott wing suit jump from space onto the lawn at the White House for the final showdown. At the very end Knott and President Ford are sitting at the desk in the Oval Office and President Ford thinks Knott is beaten and starts ranting about how Knott is a loser and what he's going to do to him, when abruptly Knott shoots first under the table and kills him.

All the people rejoice. The Atheists and stoners take over. Gordan discovers humility and empathy matter nearly as much as logic. America's army of robots throw down their weapons and begin to rebuild a better, fairer earth.

The End.

Gordan Knott - Academic, mathematician - ?
Harry Ford, President of USA - Harrison Ford
US Secretary of State - Christopher Walken
US Army General - Denzel Washington
British Prime Minister - Hugh Laurie
Chinese Premier - Chou Yun-fat
Australian Prime Minister - Barry Humphries
Russian President - Michael Nyqvist
German Chancellor - Diane Kruger
French President - Jean Reno

Directed by John McTiernan (Die Hard, Predator,Hunt for Red October)

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