Thursday, 18 October 2012

Building a Podcast Empire in 4 Easy Steps

1 create an empty calendar

2 add links to 5by5's "the Frequency".

3 start a Reddit themed podcast - the only rule is you have to read through the front page and comments for at least 10 minutes every  hour. After that, pick any subreddit and discuss that for a while.

4 Contact more networks and get them to do the same. Ideally there would be a contribution from every timezone, every continent, creating a global 24 hour Reddit syndicated podcast network.

The beauty of this idea is the variety of presenters, styles, topics etc. Imagine "R/pics The Podcast".
Each show/network uses their own sponsors. It will be a great way to reach new listeners.
Shows don't have to be live, but popular podcasts will be able to work out deals with networks capable of live streaming.

If you want to be involved please get in touch.

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