Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Farewell Hypercritical

I'll tell you when I started listening to podcasts.

Hypercritial number 1. It's weird how lucky I got. I was trying to put my finger on why Apple makes me angry and I thought, what better way to learn about why Apple is a terrible thing, than a podcast dedicated to the things that make Apple imperfect?

Nearly two years later, I have a much better idea why I dislike the soul cruching machine of pre-fabricated magic (tm) that is Apple Inc.

It's been a very tough few weeks for Apple fans.

Apple's shares have tanked, the iPad mini is too expensive and awkward to hold in one hand, the iPad three has been dumped like a ginger-haired step-child and now Hypercritical is ending. On the up-side Build and Analyze is also ending.

Meanwhile on Hypercritical
 John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin made a great double act. Throughout nearly 100 episodes I have had to re-examine my personal beliefs in the face of Siracusan logic. I don't always care as much as about the tiny details and niggles, but I always found his opinions were based on valid observations. Although he prefers Apple, he is by far the most platform agnostic host on 5by5 and the Hypercritical shows were better as a result.
As a substitute for Hypercritical I recommend Roderick on the Line. I suspect that if John Roderick and John Siracusa ever met they would either:

a) cancel each other out, and annihilate each other, like matter and anti-matter.
b) Make a pretty good podcast.

Please God, (or Dan Benjamin), please make it happen.

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