Friday, 23 September 2016

Dan called me a Jerk

Do you remember the first podcast you ever listened to? I do.

Hypercritical, episode 1. I struck gold on my first attempt.

As a Windows user I couldn’t understand the attraction of Apple products and I thought this podcast would give me ammunition against those smug, superior Apple users with more money than sense. As soon as I heard John Siracusa’s voice, I knew I had found a kindred spirit.

Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was the tagline that had initially attracted me (...exactly what is wrong in the world of Apple and related technologies) but I was destined to become a regular listener to Hypercritical and the other 5by5 shows at the time; Build and Analyze, The Talk Show and Back 2 Work.

I joined Twitter and followed @DanBenjamin, @Siracusa, @Gruber, @HotDogsLadies and even @MarcoArment. And I created a little subreddit called hoping to find others who appreciated these ding-a-lings as much as I did.

Sometimes I tweeted these people with comments and questions and was thrilled to get the occasional response.

One day I recieved a joke from my sister. It went...

Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead.
Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow.
Do not walk beside me, either; in fact, just piss off and leave me alone.

In their show, Dan and Merlin had been talking about how people don’t get Zen Bhuddism  and I thought this would joke would illustrate the point and , perhaps, enlighten Dan’s day. Unfortunately, being new to Twitter I sent it in two parts and in the wrong order, which probably didn’t help the joke. Dan promptly blocked me.

I tried to apologize through the 5by5 website, but my messages went unanswered.
Some time later (perhaps a year?) I got three tweets from people demanding I hand over the 5by5 subreddit to Dan. The sent me links to this...

Now, I am a jerk, but I tried to contact Dan to discuss the transfer of the subreddit. All I wanted in exchange was for him to accept my apology for the tweet and unblock me. I tried several channels, including his Reddit account, without a reply. I even tweeted Siracusa for advice.

Some time later I transferred ownership of the subreddit to Dan’s account and forgot about it. The subreddit has been left to decline, a pathetic shadow of it’s former glory, but it still says "created by Gordan Knott".

I still listen to 5by5 and enjoy your Road Work programme very much. I still think of Dan as my “Internet friend” but there’s a sadness there too. I recently created a second twitter account and have followed Dan with that, but it’s not the same.

I still think Windows and Android are better platforms, and I'm probably still a jerk. 

That’s my story. I grateful to you for listening. 

I hope you and your daughter still read and enjoy Laika the Astronaut occasionally and I hope you finish your album soon. Thanks for all the great shows.

Your Internet friend,


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